Intro – Louie Colella

Whats up! My name is Luigi Colella, but everyone calls me Louie. I am a junior Communications major here at the University of Maryland. I am 21 years old and am from Philadelphia, PA. I am the Vice President of my fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha and have a part-time job at Landmark Apartments. Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 1.20.49 PMWhen I am home, I am a volunteer firefighter for Lower Merion Fire Department. My hobbies include traveling, cooking and spending time with family.

Cyberbullying is prevalent in our society and that is simply due to the rapid increased use of technology and social media. There are so many different outlets that allow cyberbullying to occur. Cyberbullying is all behind a screen leaving people to feel less remorse when it comes to saying something. It is an issue that I care about because it can happen at all ages which affects me the most, it could happen to me, my siblings, my future children and even my future wife. With the susceptibility of being a victim of cyberbullying being so high I believe that people need to be made aware of what is considered cyberbullying because you could be doing it without noticing.