Refutation: Cyberbullying could cost you

It seems as if principals and teachers are having to pay for cyber bullying prevention training programs in public schools.  Some principals and teachers don’t see the value in these prevention programs that cover how to deal with cyber bullies and signs that a student is being bullied. Fran Thomas Jr., principal at Memorial High School, in Worcester, Massachusetts, said, “at least the lunch is included,” when he found out it costs $145 per person to train them in cyber bullying prevention. Thomas simply thinks that the price for these prevention programs are too high in order to train his entire staff. Thomas goes on to explain that these tools, which the state of Massachusetts are now implementing, provide none of the correct efforts to seriously reduce the kind of bullying that goes on online. Several other principals in Massachusetts agreed that enforcers of preventing cyber bullying should not require out-of-pocket money, but instead come from the state.

If enforcers aren’t even willing to pay to prevent their students from cyber bullying, how can anyone expect offenders to pay their fines. Aerin Curtis, author of Cyberbullying could cost you, states, “In Wyoming, students can be fined anywhere from $250 to $750 if it is determined that they are sending abusive messages via text and social media.” These fines do not worry people who are hyped up behind a keyboard ready to bully someone. These fines paid by offenders should go straight to funding for high school prevention programs. Doesn’t that make the most sense?




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