Don’t Get Cyberbullied.

Cyberbullying takes it’s form in many different shapes. Where? Who? What? That’s the thing. You cannot pin cyberbullying on a specific demographic. This video explains that cyberbullying is like a virus, taking many forms and extremely hard to tell where i976ace85d3165c285b885e74f908155c.jpgt’s coming from. There are so many new “trendy” things that young adults do that can be construed as cyberbullying. For example, “TBH” which translates to “To Be Honest” and how that works is when you like someones “TBH” they write on your wall with something that is with no reservation, the truth. All these forms of cyberbullying leave multiple generations and demographics sustainable to being a victim of cyberbullying. Watch this video to learn more about how to prevent cyberbullying.


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