Refutation: A Reason to Worry

A recent article posted by claimed that someone should “not worry” if world-shaker-cyberbullying-infographic-421097they or a loved one experiences cyberbullying. Studies have shown that children and teens who are cyberbullied are already self-conscious about coming forward and talking about their bulling. Sources who downplay the issue of cyberbullying encourage the destructive culture that we live in, where people think of cyberbullying as “no big deal.” If cyberbullying were really not an issue, thousands of children would still be alive today.

Claim: Cyberbullies are pathetic

Yes, this is true. Although most bullies are genuinely trying to cover their own insecurities, they still cause irreparable harm to others. If people begin to accept the fact that “cyberbullies are pathetic,” no change will ever come about.

Claim: Nothing lasts forever

Cyberbullying may not last forever, it may last only one day, but the damage done can last a lifetime. The website claims that eventually everything makes it off the Internet, but who cares if something is off the Internet because it has affected a human being who may have to live with the thoughts their whole lives.

Claim: Better content gets visibility

Most of the damage done regarding cyberbullying does not include others seeing in online. Yes, most people who are cyberbullied experience anxiety due to peer influence, but the real damage is done directly to the victim themselves. The article claims that all you have to do is out-perform them in search engine rankings. The last I checked, victims of cyberbullying do not care about search engine rankings.

Claim: People care about you

This is true! But, once again, does not mean cyberbullying should be tolerated.

So what can we learn? Many people do not thinking cyberbullying is as much of an issue as it truly is. Schools, the government, parents, and other children and teens do not understand the mental torture that victims of cyberbullying go through. We need stricter punishments for cyberbullies because the damage done to a victim is severe and, in many cases, permanent.


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