Cyberbullying Insurance Now Available

Did you know that you can now buy cyberbullying insurance coverage to protect against Internet-enabled harassment?

Chubb Limited is a Swiss insurance company offering its customers cyberbullying insurance in the United Kingdom and soon the United States. The coverage would be part of their larger Masterpiece Family PrYoung student woman alone  with computer crying sad depressedotection policy. It will provide compensation for the following:

  • Psychiatric services
  • Rest and recuperation expenses
  • Lost salary
  • Temporary relocation services
  • Education expenses
  • Professional public relations services
  • And much more!

The company believes that the increased in technology has brought many benefits as well as challenges.

“Technology’s biggest benefit — an interconnected world — can also be its biggest challenge. Cyberbullying, including online threats and harassment, can damage your or your child’s reputation, and cause financial loss and emotional harm. Chubb’s new policy helps victims reclaim their lives.”

However, the policy seems to really gear towards Chubb Limited’s high-profile and wealthy clientele.


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