Cyberbullying Vs. Bullying

Recent research has concluded the traditional bullying is quite different from cyberbullying. A current study by the University of British Columbia concluded that cyberbullying is now becoming a bigger and more common problem than traditional bullying.

A Psychology Today article mentions the following regarding the major differences between cyberbullying and traditional bullying:

cyberrrPrevious research indicates that cyberbullying is rarely pre-meditated like traditional bullying, where the bully plans his or her line of attack. In many cases cyberbullying is done impulsively and not planned out like in traditional bullying where the bully pre-meditates the next attack. Also, traditional bullying has the following characteristics that may not be present in cyberbullying cases:

  • A need for power and control
  • Proactively targeting the victim
  • Aggression

The article also mentions that by educating today’s youth, we will be able to decrease cyberbullying and its effects. Please read this article to learn more about the difference between cyberbullying and traditional bullying, and how teens can protect themselves online.


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