Intro: Olemeku Aledan

Greetings! My name is Olemeku Aledan, Ole (O-lay) for short. IMG_0309 (Edited)I am a current junior at the University of Maryland majoring in Communication Studies. I was born in Nigeria and raised in Washington, DC. In my spare time I enjoy many things from reading a good book to travelling to Amsterdam, as long as I’m learning something new.
Cyberbullying is a now familiar term that has made its way into the everyday language of all those living in the digital age. It is most prevalent among teenagers, and although it is veiwed as harmless to some, cyberbullying can pose a threat on one’s self-esteem or even well-being. Too many lives have ended as a result of cyberbullying. It is vital for information on this subject to make its way to schools and educational programs.


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